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Fly your dreams in October
The track and field team of Dongcheng Experimental Primary School participated in the 7th National Games of Jintan District for the first time

Release time: 2019/10/28 19:59:04 Author: Zhang Hongbin Views: 8110 times

October competition  Fly the dream

 The track and field team of Dongcheng Experimental Primary School participated in the 7th National Sports Meeting of Jintan District for the first time

In this clear and cool October, the 7th National Games and track and Field Games of Jintan District in 2019 were held grandly in Jintan District Youth Sports School。

10月25Japanese school field track team8The team members participated in the competition under the leadership of teachers Jiang Tao and Wu Linlian。Early in the morning, we came to the competition school facing the sunrise. The players had a sports mat and soon set up the base camp at the nearest rest point from the competition。Our "Yang village chief" (Jintan District Dongcheng Experimental Primary School principal Yang Guohua) also came to the competition venue early to give us encouragement。The teacher carefully pinned the number book on our players, put on cleats, and cheered us on with "Yang Village Chief", so that we could go out on the field with confidence。

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We take warm-up super seriously。On the field, we are unequivocal, standing on the run-up, hearing the starting gun, we are like a horse, Mercedes on the red track to pick up the shot put, softball we seem to be very strong。

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Teacher Zeng Yi and Teacher Zhang Ling from the Physical Education group of Dongcheng Experimental Primary School also participated in the National Games。They're good, too。Teacher Zeng Yi won the young women's 100 meters,200米和4x100The champion of meter relay competition, teacher Zhang Ling won the middle-aged women's group100米、400米和4x100Winner of the relay race。

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We are a group of young people in the arena without fear, hard work, flying sports dreams。

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