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Thousands of flowers to find autumn group Tong Yue fragrance

Release time: 2019/10/30 19:05:46 Author: Zhang Hongbin Page Views: 7750 times

Thousands of flowers look for autumn  Group children joy fragrance

 On the morning of October 29, all the teachers and students of Dongcheng Experimental Primary School entered the "Flower Valley Adventure" and carried out the social practice activity of the autumn semester - exploring the colorful flower world。

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 In order to allow students to travel happily and return safely with full harvest, the school's Office of Political Education carefully formulated the study tour program, and the class directors used the class meeting to organize children to carry out the theme of "Colorful flower world" exploratory learning。The head teacher led all the students to feel the infinite charm of flowers, from the introduction of scenic spots, varieties and habits of flowers, to the cultivation methods of common flowers, to the study of the meaning of flowers, from the introduction of beautiful articles about flowers and famous paintings to the singing of traditional songs about flowers。

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 Come to the Valley of flowers,The first graders walked and watched,Drawing beautiful flowers in my mind;Second graders learn to be 'little gardeners',Understand the habits of flowers;For three years, the children carefully studied the meaning of the flowers;Fourth - and fifth-graders held up cameras,Take pictures of the beautiful moments of the flowers,Weave wonderful memories with words。In the activity, the students not only enjoyed the scenery of flowers, but also always followed the principle of taking all actions as a unit of the class, and did not leave the team in the activity, helping each other, fully reflecting the collectivism spirit of unity and cooperation。"Dutch Garden", "Rose Garden", "French garden" scenery can be seen, "children's paradise" endless fun, along the way, laughter and laughter echoed in the flower valley。

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 Beautiful autumn, the best is Jiangnan。Dongcheng experimental primary school to carry out thisExplore the colorful flower world"SocietyPractical activities not only enrich students' extracurricular life, feel the fragrance of flowers, but also let them appreciate the beauty of nature and the beauty of life。Next, the school will also be selectedThe outstanding creative students of "The Most Beautiful Flower Painting", "The most beautiful Flower Photo" and "the most beautiful flower article" will be awarded certificates, and their works will be published on the school website and wechat public account, so that discovering beauty, showing beauty and creating beauty will become a habit。(Zhao Mengying)

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