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Dongcheng Experimental Primary School carried out the "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education thematic party class

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Dongcheng experimental primary school"Do not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission" theme education thematic party lesson


20191119On the afternoon, Dongcheng Experimental Primary School principal, deputy Party branch secretary Yang GuohuaMake contributions based on the positionFor the title, forAll party members, teachers and active party membersHave a classDo not forget the original intention, remember the mission”的Thematic education thematic party lessons。

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Yang GuohuaComrade with easy to understand language, rich image content for the branch party members to talk about a party lesson, he respectively"What is the original aspiration and mission of the Communists?""Do not forget the original intention, we must remember history", "how can we remember the original intention, fulfill the mission" and "Remember the original intention, based on the position to contribute" fourQuoting classics from various aspects, they describe the significance of the Thought on socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a new era, the development process of the Communist Party of China, and the new changes that the Communist Party has led the Chinese people through。

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During the lecture, he还与大家This paper analyzes three kinds of tendencies that should be guarded against not forgetting the original intention,并Encourage all party members and teachers to"Strengthen the Party spirit and raise consciousness,Firm faith ", "to remember the purpose of the heart,Serve the masses ", "to strengthen discipline and enhance awareness,Abide by the law ", "to continue to learn to improve ability.,Dare to innovate",With practical action to be a "usually can see.,You can stand up when it counts,A model teacher of party members who can clear the gap in a crisis。

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After the class, all party members also listened to the school's development object Gao Shanshan and Jiang Xiongfei two young teachers probationary party application report,At the same time, the party introducers and participating party members are also rightTwo teachers recently joined the partyExpressed an opinionEveryone agrees表决Two development targets were adopted转为The decision of probationary party members

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