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Summary of the work of General Affairs Office in the spring semester of 2021

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2021Spring termSummary of the work of the General Affairs Office
  After a busy and tense semester, the staff of our General Affairs Office actively did their own work under the leadership of the President's office。Here is a summary of the general affairs work of the semester:
  First, strengthen the study of political theory and improve ideological understanding
  The staff of our General Affairs Department can earnestly study and implement the concept of scientific progress, care about domestic and foreign political current affairs, love the party, love the country, love the people, love the cause of education。Actively participate in school activities,Clear their own work mission: school general logistics work is an important part of school work,As with teaching,It's one of the two pillars of the school,At the same time, it has the characteristics of bright service guarantee, economy and education,In carrying out the Party's educational policy,It plays an important role in the implementation of training objectives,At the same time, it enhances the pride and responsibility of doing one's job well。Years of general affairs work practice tells us: with teaching work, general logistics work can only serve the target, without general logistics work, teaching work is difficult to carry out, the relationship between the two is two parts of a unified body, interdependent, mutually promoting, indispensable。因此,We are fully aware that although general affairs work is not directly involved in teaching,But all the small, complicated work we do is almost essential to schooling,And it's a very important department,It plays an irreplaceable and important role in the progress of education,They set up the idea of serving the front line of teaching,The unsung hero of the logistics front,Adhere to the principle that logistics work must serve the center of teaching work,Be strict with yourself everywhere,Bear hardships in the first place,Enjoy the rear,Do a good job in logistics services。
  Second, adhere to the routine work of logistics services
  1At the beginning of the semester, cooperateTeaching and learning officeEnsure that teaching materials,This and the teaching supplies of the first line of teaching are timely distributed in place, and the teaching office supplies of teachers are in place, so that the teaching work can be carried out normally。
  2、开学前、End of termEach class物品Verification and registration, the exact implementation of property responsibility system governance, and the launch and use of a dedicated classroom governance system。
  3Maintenance personnel timely repair students' damaged desks and chairs, doors, locks, Windows, water and electricity, and ensure the total maintenance of water, electricity, and classroom fans this semester上百Second, to ensure the normal progress of teaching work。
  4Assist the security department to do a good job in the school security work: strict entrance and exit of the school,Do a good job of the entry and exit registration of foreign personnel and the campus guard room;Strictly control the food quality of the canteen, on the one hand, strengthen the implementation of the "Food Hygiene Law" and relevant governance provisions, strictly carry out canteen management, to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students' food, strengthen the usual health inspection, and eliminate food poisoning accidents。At the same time, we should do a good job of food hygiene and environmental hygiene in the canteen area to ensure a healthy, clean and tidy health environment。
  5Actively assist the principal's office, the guidance Office, and do a variety of temporary surprise work: such asDistrict art festivalAll kinds of basic skills venue health,The arrangement of the examination room, the arrangement and cleaning of the desks in the classroom,outingVehicle arrangement。

6Timely weeding, watering and application of campus greening除虫、Maintenance and other maintenance。

7Better completed the evaluation of the most beautiful office in the school, the equipment preparation of the second phase of the project, the whole school safety drill, the first large-scale sports festival of Dongcheng Experimental Primary School and other work。

8Health work, this spring semester, there9Infectious diseases occurred in each class, but under the treatment of Wang Hua school doctor, they were contained and did not break out。At the same time, the epidemic prevention work such as temperature measurement, disinfection and sanitation has been carried out in an orderly manner。  

3. Standardize school fees
  We will strictly standardize the charging system and implement a system of financial disclosure。Strict charge management to win the trust of parents and society。Usually strengthen the study of the charging documents of the higher authorities, strictly follow the requirements of the higher authorities, charge fees according to regulations, make the accounts clear, and publish the charging standards in the school window, so that parents, students, teachers and the community can supervise the school's charging work, and there is no violation of fees。
  Fourth, school property management
  1Do a good job in electronic management of school production, do a good job in property registration, recording, statistics, quantification, archiving and other work, strengthen property management, make school property management further standardized, refined, specialized, and strictly prevent the loss of school property。
  2Strengthen the management of the increase and decrease of fixed property,Conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the Education Bureau,Check fixed assets regularly,Achieve accounts, cards, things consistent,The relevant provisions on the increase or decrease of fixed property shall be followed,Timely registration and entry,Where a loss needs to be reported, a loss statement for fixed assets shall be filed in accordance with the relevant provisions,Report to relevant departments for approval。
  3Strengthen the management, maintenance and deployment of school public property and public facilitiesEvery semester, Mr. Ma will issue items such as laptops, air conditioning remote controls, and temperature guns at the beginning of the semester, and then collect them at the end of the semester to ensure that school items are not lost
  4Carry out training and data entry of the equipment trial management system, and prepare for the use of the equipment management system in the next semester。

In fact, the piles completed by the General Affairs Office are small things, in the group of Dongcheng Experimental Primary School or contact the General Affairs Office alone, it must be leaking, running out of electricity, which piece of glass is broken, and the computer cannot be started, at this time, you will see that Zhang school rushed out。Notebook, red pen, glue, colored paper, trash basket, get things, please sign, has become Ma Lihua's mantra。You need to fill out the application form, sign it with the dean's office, sign it with the office, and then......Whenever someone is impatient, there will be a humorous solution, over and over again, patiently explain, humorous, that must be our accountant Wu。Get to school early every day, walk with wind, and try to accomplish every little thing。This is our lovely general office。

  V. ExistentialAnd the direction of future efforts
  1Logistics departments should strengthen internal governance, rational division of labor, clear responsibilities, and coordinate the work of other departments。
  2Enhance the service awareness of logistics personnel, strive to improve service attitude and service grade, and strive to take the initiative to solve everyone's consultation problems and difficulties in the shortest time, and do a good job in logistics support for education and teaching。


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