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Dongcheng Experimental Primary School 2021 autumn semester school General affairs office work plan

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Dongcheng Experimental Primary School2021年学期School general affairs office work plan

First, adjust the work ideas, strengthen the position awareness

For this semester"Focus on new quality, towards high quality" work theme。总务The department has also made corresponding plans。首先Let every employee realize this feature of general affairs work from the ideological perspective, and have the mental preparation to endure hardships and the spirit of dedication.Let the faculty and staff knowThe division of work is different, and the goal is the same, which is to make more contributions to running a good school。

Second, establish work system and improve work efficiency

1.At the beginning, it is necessary to re-implement the work position of every employee and achieve everyone's position

2.In the teaching areaHealth workAll the areas around the classroom are divided into various classes, so that the class负责Formulate effective work system and post work standards

3.Establish weekly work and daily work plan system, so that everything is responsible to people。

4.Formulate clear reward and punishment measures to ensure that the evaluation can be based on evidence。Through the above points, the management of general affairs can be standardized and the work efficiency can be improved

Iii. Main work objectives

(一)Routine work objectives。

1.Strengthen the management of school canteens。Strengthen the management of food hygiene, ensure the health of teachers and students, and strictly implement the special system of food hygiene and the occupational hygiene responsibility system for catering personnel。Strictly control food quality, quantity and price。Canteen staff should establish the consciousness of serving teachers and students wholeheartedly, strive to improve the level of professional skills, pay attention to the love of the canteen staff, health operation education, regular physical examination。Do a good job in and around the canteen environmental health work, formulate practical rectification measures to ensure the school canteen food hygiene, health, safety management。

2.Greening and sanitation。Strengthen the conservation of greening, take the school staff and邀请The combined working method of garden professionals should do a good job of pruning, eliminating insects and weeds, watering and replanting, ensuring the survival rate of flowers and trees, and creating a good campus green landscape。Health work should always be made unremittingIn particular, it is necessary to check, record and evaluate the cleaning effect of the cleaning staff, and regularly organize personnel to clean up the dead corners of health, and keep the campus clean and beautiful at all times to show our school风采

3.Distribution of goods。The distribution of goods is an important daily work in general logistics. At the beginning of the semester, we should do our best to distribute new books, ensure that the number of accurate registration is clear, and ensure that teachers and students carry out education and learning activities on time。In the interim, we should do a good job in warehouse management, do a good job in the procurement, management and distribution of various teaching and health supplies, and achieve standard procedures。At the end of the semester, do a good job in handing out various awards and prizes for students。

4.Maintenance and repair。Carry out daily maintenance and repair of school buildings, facilities and educational supplies, and ensure the normal use and extension of the use period of various facilities through maintenance。For the maintenance of damaged items, it is necessary to try to be repaired by your own staff, and if you cannot handle it yourself, you must also accept and check the price according to the norms, and keep the maintenance quality and cost close。

5.School property managementContinue to deepen the school property hierarchical management system, asset management responsibility to people, to achieve the management of things, rational use。Therefore, the registration of educational and teaching equipment should be carried out in accordance with the practice at the beginning, and the custodian should sign to confirm its responsibility, clarify the requirements of management and use, and achieve proper storage, reasonable use, regular maintenance and timely overhaul。The General Affairs Office should strictly enter and exit the warehouse, adjust the use of materials and equipment, and save every bit of resources for the school

6.Event logistics support。The General Affairs Office shall resolutely cooperate with the activities and meetings of the school, especially the activities and meetings arranged by the superior departments in our school。To do a good job of venue arrangement, tea supply, venue layout and other work, so that the activities can be carried out smoothly。

(二)Key work objectives

1.Infrastructure work。This semester to complete the construction of the party building room, library, food workshop, six workshops (movable type printing, weaving, modeling, etc.), psychological consultation room, fusion classroom, master studio and other functional classrooms, laying a good foundation for the new quality of hard conditions。

2.Cultural environment facilities construction objectives。This semester, we should continue to strengthen the construction of campus cultural environment, accelerate the promotion of campus cultural facilities that are compatible with the characteristics of the school, and enrich the specific connotation of campus culturePhase II project andEnvironmental layout of each activity room。

2.Safety work objective。The general office is at the schoolUnder the organizational framework of the "Safety work Leading Group", we will continue to strengthen the management and inspection of school safety work。First, continue to do a good job in the logistics of epidemic prevention and controlTo maintain the normal use of the school's safety facilities and equipment,It is necessary to do a good job in the management of logistics security personnel, the third is to do a good job in security inspection, there should be a comprehensive inspection, special inspection, etc., find problems in time to rectify and strengthen the construction of the guard system, implement the duties of the receptionist, establish a registration system for foreign personnel, and ensure the safety of the schoolThe fourth is to do a good job in fire, riot and epidemic prevention and other safety work drills, do a good job in the popularization of safety knowledge, and protect the healthy growth of students。

4. Specific work measures

Do a good job in the service of education and teaching, and create good conditions for education and teaching;

1.Infrastructure work was carried out in summer。Functional classrooms such as Party building room, library, food and education workshop, six workshops (movable type printing, weaving, modeling, etc.), psychological consultation room, fusion classroom, and master's studio were put into construction。

2.According to the instructions of the principal's office, all classrooms will be numbered and planned for use。Provide a comfortable environment for students and staff。

3.We will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and health management。制定2021年The semester health management program makes the campus cleaner。

4.Cooperate with the Office of Education and Politics to provide logistical support for students' activities, and cooperate with the Office of Educational Guidance to distribute students' books。

5.Urge the head teacher to use the safe platform。

Create a green and beautiful campus environment, strive to improve the office conditions, do a good job for the life of teachers and students, optimize the life, work and study environment of teachers and students, and improve the happy life index of teachers and studentsLet all the teachers and students into the campus feel like home。 

1.For good service to trade union activities。

2.Provide better service for teachers and students。

3.Check the school's safety hazards, and make repair plans in advance。

3. Full ImplementationFour kinds of consciousnessEstablish a good mental outlook。

1.Global consciousness。General logistics work has a lot of clues and involves a wide range of areas, so logistics personnel should have a global awareness。Concrete embodiment, one is to pay attention to the needs of each school block:Schools, teachers, students, parents。The second is to pay attention to the various conditions of the work, health conditions, maintenance conditions, etc。Only with a sense of the overall situation can we do all aspects of work well。

2.Service consciousness。"Wholeheartedly serve teachers and students" always as the starting point for logistics staff to carry out work, logistics is not empty work, everything is "practical", the quality of service is directly presented in front of the majority of teachers and students, so we must put "wholeheartedly" four words into practice。

3.Quality consciousness。In the construction of campus infrastructure and cultural environment, the General Affairs Office must have a sense of excellence, so that each project must produce excellence in design and construction。Make the finished things beautiful and durable。In the service work, we should also have a sense of quality, so that teachers and students are satisfied。

4.Sense of thrift。Our school is large, daily maintenance and small project procurement, so we must do a good job in all aspects of expenditure, specifically, to let these work in the school's relevant system, and strive to save funds for the school。In addition, it is necessary to do a good job of water and electricity energy-saving work in schools and try to eliminate waste。

The essence of general affairs work is service, as long as the logistics staff will wholeheartedly serve teachers and students into every work, it will be able to make teachers and students satisfied, and can provide guarantee for the smooth development of various education and teaching work of the school。


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