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Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school asset procurement leading group

Published: 2021/1/22 10:21:08 Author: Zhang Ling Pageviews: 3230 times

Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school




Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school

资产采购Leading group

In order to strengthen the asset management of the school, clarify the responsibility of asset management, and standardize the asset disposal behavior, the school asset management leading group was established after research。The Panel consists of the following bodies and persons:

 President: Jiang Shoucheng (Principal)

Deputy Leader: Zhang Hongbin (in charge of Vice President)     

 员:Yang Xiaying  Leng Lijin  Zhang Weijiang      Wu Huijun


Main responsibilities of the leading group:

1.Implement the policies and regulations related to government procurement, take overall charge of leading the school's government procurement management, formulate the school's procurement management measures, strict procurement procedures, and standardize procurement behaviors。

2.Responsible for coordinating and organizing the implementation of school procurement。Procurement work leading group to compile annual procurement plan;Demonstrate and optimize the procurement project plan;Organize the bidding of procurement projects;Sign contracts on behalf of the school according to the bid notification of the procurement project;Organize the implementation and acceptance of procurement projects;Create a purchasing work ledger。

3.Coordinate to solve major problems in the implementation of procurement business, supervise the implementation of procurement projects, and focus on strengthening the monitoring and supervision of procurement application, project approval, procurement bidding, contract conclusion, acceptance, payment and other links。 

4.Coordinate the implementation of decision-making procedures for major procurement matters。Major procurement matters shall be studied and determined by the procurement work leading group, and the procurement plan shall be formulated after full demonstration and submitted to the procurement work leading group for study and approval before implementation。 

5.The purchase of items included in the scope of government procurement shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of government procurement;Purchasing items not included in government procurement should strictly regulate the procurement and payment procedures。Large purchases of goods, construction and services,The procurement project working group shall be formed by the procurement management office and the relevant personnel of the purchasing department to carry out the procurement work;Purchasing routine work,The office of the procurement Leading Group is responsible for preparing the budget, signing the contract, implementing the procurement, organizing the acceptance and payment of the purchasing department;The procurement of low-value consumable items shall be implemented by the logistics department of the school in accordance with regulations。 

6.Responsible for the contract management in the procurement work, establish the necessary legal consultation review system, and strictly sign and perform the contract according to law。After the purchase of assets is completed, on-site inspection, testing and inventory shall be carried out in a timely manner in accordance with relevant national professional standards and contract terms。The goods that pass the inspection shall be put into the warehouse in time, and the warehousing registration shall be done well;If it fails to pass the acceptance inspection, it shall not go through the settlement procedures, shall not be delivered for use, and shall promptly submit the return or claim to the relevant responsible person in accordance with the terms of the contract。 

7.All departments of the school shall go to the General Affairs Office to fill in the material purchase application form, and the purchase can only be implemented after approval。Unapproved procurement projects will not be reimbursed by the school。



Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school



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