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"Children's Themed Innovative Activities Facing challenges of Complex problems" the fifth event notice

Release time: 2022/11/30 12:00:58 Author: Zhang Li Pageviews: 1478 times

Facing the challenges of complex problemsInnovative activities for children
Fifth event announcement

Fellow Members,
  According to the research plan of the research group, in order to do a better job in Jiangsu ProvinceThe process management of the project project of the "14th Five-Year Plan" has comprehensively improved the level of research on the subject and decided to carry out the researchJiangsu Province"14th Five-Year Plan" project projectFacing the challenges of complex problemsInnovative activities for children"The fifth event,Specific matters are notified as follows:
I. Activity time:2022年121日(周1930—2130
Ii. Event location:Tencent Conference 304-999-377

三、Participants:All the teachers of the mathematics group

四、Event Theme: How to design innovative cases

V. Activity arrangement:





Online discussion


My view of "the design of innovative cases"



Expert training

Jiang Shoucheng

How to design innovative cases


Active nodules


Work arrangement and post-thinking


Five: Precautions:

Please arrange time for all mathematics teachers to attend on time and conduct discussion on the basis of preliminary thinking。

Theme innovation activityResearch center




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