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"Facing complex problems and challenging children's theme Innovation activity" provincial teaching achievement display activity
-- The seventh activity of the Research Center for Themed Innovative Activities for Children

Release time: 2022/12/1 10:22:25 Author: Zhang Li Pageviews: 1705 times

Face up to complex issues and challengesInnovative activities for childrenProvincial teaching achievements display activities
——Children's Theme Innovation activity Research Center NoThis event

Fellow Members,
  After careful planning and organizing simulation in the early stage,In 2022, Jiangsu Primary school mathematics classroom teaching reform exchange and discussion activitiesThe "Theme Innovation Activity Facing the Challenges of Complex Problems" results show will be held as scheduled (线上),Specific matters are notified as follows:
I. Activity time:2022年122日(周1300—1730
Ii. Event location:Jintan District east city experimental primary school

Iii. Participants: members of the provincial forward-looking project team and all members of the provincial theme Innovation activity research groupParticipate in the teaching results show all members, and Allied school related math teachers

四、Event Theme:2022 Jiangsu Province Mathematics Classroom Teaching Reform Results display (online)

五、Special expert: Changzhou Teacher Development College  Jiang Minjie             

6. Activity Arrangement:


人 员




Classroom presentation

刘 留

Is your bag Overweight?》


Mathematics laboratory

Salon seminar

Jiang Shoucheng and Wang Jin

Zhang Li, Tan Yapeng, Liu Liuji, Peihua

Themed Salon: Themed innovative activities that connect children to the present and the future




Children's theatre

Expert comments on academic lectures

Jiang Minjie

The value of "thematic innovation activities that face the challenges of complex problems"


Children's theatre

Seven: Precautions:

1. Please take the students to the math lab in advance and remind them to wear masks and school uniforms.

2. Please ask teacher Shi Wenjun to prepare the computer, stool and other related items for salon in advance。

3. The whole event is filmed. Please keep your mobile phones silent and pay attention to the order of the venue。

4. Technical support: Changzhou Ruying Culture Media Co., LTD

Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school

Children's theme innovation activity research center




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