The opening ceremony of the "Parent School" of Dongcheng Experimental Primary School and the notice of the new school-level Family Committee election meeting

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Dongcheng Experimental Primary SchoolThe opening ceremony of "Parent School" and the notice of the new School-level Family Committee election meeting

一、General assembly agenda 

时间:202333 下午1:203:30

Location: School lecture hall

Participants:1部分行政代表Class teacher and school level family committee候选委员。

2.各班3Member of the class family committee。

Host: Ding  

Agenda and specific arrangements of the meeting: 

The first stage of learning to arrange expert lectures

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Gu Xihong Zuo, Party Secretary and President of Changzhou Open University"Parent School" Lesson 1 "This is How You should be a Parent Today"

(2) Arrangements for the second phase of the meeting

1Zhang HongbinThe Vice President delivered a welcome speech。

2. To hear, review and approve the Parent committee charter and other documents。(李 晖)

3. Elected the first head of the school's Parent Committee1First name, Deputy director2Name, Standing member13名。 (休会5分钟)                   张玲Jiang XiongfeiYao YutingCounting votes)

4.Announce the election results, and issue letters of appointment to the director, deputy director and standing member of the school Family CommitteeParent school bronze medal awarded

Jiang XiongfeiYao Yuting

5Newly electedSchool parent councilChairman of the association发言。

6.学校Jiang ShouchengThe Secretary makes a presentation of the school and reports on the work of the school to all the members of the Parent Committee

7.举行The first working meeting of the standing Committee of the Family Committee was held to clarify the work responsibilities of each department and discuss the work plan of the Family Committee。                         Meeting Room:Jiang Shoucheng、丁飞)

8New sessionAfter the working meeting of the Standing CommitteeVisit the campus andTake a group photo。 Jiang Xiongfei

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