Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng Experimental Primary School "Dongxiao Forum" 36th activity notice
"Dongxiao Forum" 36th activity

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Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school"Dongxiao Forum" 3rd6Scheduled activity notice


To improve our schoolTeachers teaching and research level, improve educational theoretical literacy, improve scientific research ability,One step furtherNew situationNew curriculum concept practiceThe development ofIn the form of...implementThe close combination of scientific research and education and teaching practice will deepen the practical execution of teaching and research in our school.Combined with the reality of our school, we decided to hold Dongcheng Experimental Primary School"Dongxiao Forum" No36The training activities are arranged as follows:


Provincial and urban project leader and main members of the research group

Member of the core group of the provincial forward-looking project team

Member of "Dongcheng Academy" Young Teachers Academy

 Activity arrangement




Keynote speaker






Lectures on education and research topics

Take root on the ground-- Conducting practical teaching and scientific research


(Changzhou Institute of Education)


Children's theatre

Leng Lijin

Activity Time:


全体参会Teachers should arrive on time, study carefully, take good notes, and complete school-based research tasks。


Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school


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