Notice on the 8th activity of "Dongcheng College · Youth School" 2023 Spring semester
Dongcheng Academy · Youth Academy "2023 Spring semester 8th activity

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About launching"Dongcheng College · Youth学堂"2023 Spring semester No8Notice of the event

Dear young teachers,

According to the school teaching and research plan and the schoolThe work plan of "Dongcheng College · Young Teachers' Growth Camp" is now decided to be held2023 Spring semester No7This activity is a training activity for young teachersThe Youth Teacher Growth Camp and all young teachers are invited to actively participate in the training activities。

Activity Time:2023年514Sunday (Sunday) evening 7:00——8:00

Event Theme:Be a teacher with a sense of struggle

Tutor guidance:Gao Shanshan

Event Host:Zheng Sijia

Photo report:Ma Fangjie


All the teachers of the young Teacher Growth camp at Dongcheng Experimental Elementary School and2022New assigned teachers。

Conference format:# Tencent Conference: 863-222-378

Meeting Time:2023/05/14 19:00-20:00

On May 14, the 8th activity of the Youth Teaching School QR code.png

Meeting requirements:

1.Please debug the equipment and log in before the activity, and participate in the online video conference on time。

2.Please choose a quiet and suitable place to log in and study;During the meeting, turn on the camera, turn off the microphone, listen carefully, abide by the discipline of the meeting, and do not leave without permission。

3.Teachers participating in the training should take photos of themselves and upload them to the wechat group。


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