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Notice on carrying out primary school Chinese subject review seminar activities

Release time: 2023/5/15 15:56:31 Author: Zhao Mengying Pageviews: 1118 times

On the development of primary school languageNotice of subject review seminar activities

For further improvementChinese subjectEducation and teaching quality,We have decided to carry out research activities on Chinese subjects.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Activity time:2023年517Sunday (Wednesday) afternoon13:30—15:00

2. Location: Jintan District Dongcheng Experimental Primary SchoolLarge conference room

Iii. Participants: Dongcheng Primary School语文Group members

Iv. Activity Arrangement:



Keynote speaker



讲座:Chinese subject review seminar

Kong Huiping



On-site interaction

Yang Xiaying


                                                       Changzhou Jintan District Dongcheng experimental primary school

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